2005 Products

VSV – 2005


Front Label Cab JA 2005 v1.0-R copy

The VSV 2005 Cabernet is now in the bottle. The 2005 Cabernet is our largest vintage to date with more then thirty cases in the vineyard. The wine is again dark and rich with good body. Because we do not filter our wine so it will maintain its true flavor the wine should be decanted to clear the small amount of sediment.


Front Label Merlot JA 2005 v1.1.R copy

The VSV 2005 Merlot is also in the bottle. It is also a good year for the taste but the amount of the Merlot this year is still very low and we will be drinking it with more deliberation. The wine is warm, fruity and the tannins are light even for a Merlot.